About the Artist

Since 1981, Sylvi Harwin has anodized and handcrafted an ever-changing line of colorful, whimsical aluminum jewelry, accessories, mobiles and tableware. Her work is represented in museum shops and galleries nationwide, and abroad.

Sylvi Harwin grew up in Europe (France and Switzerland) and the United States. She has traveled extensively worldwide, and having elected to take workshops and courses at different locations rather than at one art school, studied her craft in Mexico, France and the United States. She settled in Southern California, where she built her studio.

She developed the technique of anodizing aluminum she uses in the early eighties, and is one of the few artists today who anodizes her own work. This gives her greater artistic freedom and total control over her art. It is an industrial process which involves converting aluminum
hydroxide to aluminum oxide, which is a reactive state respondent to coloring agents. The metal is electro-chemically prepared, then dyed and sealed, rendering the color permanent and the metal non-corrosive.

Sylvi makes a widely distributed line of "high tech" jewelry as well as large one-of-a-kind mobiles and wall pieces. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and has been featured in:

  • "Artists Anodizing Aluminum" by David LaPlantz published in 1988.
  • The American Pavilion of the World's Fair in Spain in 1992.
  • Television shows such as "Star Trek - The Next Generation" and "Cheers".
  • Juried art shows and gallery presentations.

Sylvi is also an active member of the American Translators Association & does translations from French to English & English to French. Please e-mail her with any requests for translations at sylvieclat@aol.com.