Color Combinations

Aberdeen: Mauve, fuchsia, pink, yellow, turquoise, violet and teal Amazonia: Black, teal, chartreuse, pale gold, peacock, gold
ArcticWhite, turquoise, peacock, lapis, sky blue & mauve. Basic: Black, brown, gold, silver, gray
Bazoche: Pale yellow, dusty rose, gold, grey, raspberry & chartreuse BrightOrange, yellow, purple, teal, fuchsia, peacock
BrittanySilver, lapis, purple, teal, lime, peach Burgundy: Red, lapis, lime, grey, forest green, gold
California Sunrise: Gold, orange, peach, violet, teal, rust Candy: Pink, lapis, mauve, yellow, turquoise, teal
Caribbean: A brilliant mixture of pastels, brights and primaries Classic: Silver, gold and black
Cool: Lapis, lime, green, fuchsia, purple, turquoise Danube: Silver, black, lime, turquoise, lapis, purple
Fiji: Gold, red, orange, purple, mauve & peacock Firenze: Black, gold, silver, rust, mauve, orange, raspberry
Granada: Pale gold, peacock, chartreuse, teal, grey, orange, yellow Hanalei: Pink, chartreuse, mauve, yellow, teal, forest green
Hawaii: Teal, yellow, lime, orange, fuchsia, turquoise Hot: Violet, raspberry, orange, gold, purple, red
Jamaica: Red, gold, silver, purple, peach, peacock Josephine: Pale gold, peach, raspberry, mauve, green, purple
Juneau: Brown, black, lime, turquoise, pale gold & teal Granada: Peacock, grey, orange, pale gold, teal, chartreuse, yellow
Hawaii: Teal, yellow, orange, lime, fuchsia, turquoise Krakatau: Raspberry, yellow, peacock, violet, lime, forest green
Manhattan: Eggplant, grey, lime, lapis, silver, chartreuse Marrakech: Gold, peacock, orange, raspberry, lapis, mauve, lime
Memphis: Red, peach, lapis, purple, yellow & wine Midnight Sky: Black, lapis, peacock, silver, gold, teal
New Amazonia: mauve, chartreuse, lime, teal, peacock, gold New Cool: Lapis, peacock, turquoise, teal, purple, violet
New Pastel: Lavender, turquoise, teal, lime, melon, pale gold New Sahara: Red, yellow, orange, rust, lime, papaya
Norwegian night: Black, lime, mauve, orange. red, violet Ocean: Grey, aqua, turquoise, teal, lapis, pale blue
Odessa: Bronze, turquoise, gold, red, teal, orange, peach Pinks: Peach, pink, purple, silver, fuchsia, violet
Primary: Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet Provence: Raspberry, gold, turquoise, teal, purple, orange
Sahara: Pale orange, gold, bronze, rust, chartreuse, pale gold San Diego: Yellow, pink, raspberry, aqua, pewter, & sky blue
Sienna: Gold, straw, green, orange, chartreuse, rusty brown South Seas: Papaya, lime, lemon, orange, raspberry, grape
S.C. (Sylvi’s Colors): Orange, rust, cherry, kiwi, purple, lavender Telluride: Lapis, rust, gold, lime, green, & chocolate
Tlascoco: Eggplant, papaya, gold, chartreuse, raspberry, violet Tuscany: Bronze, rust, orange, gold, chartreuse, lavender
Tweed: Brown, gray, gold, lapis, forest green, burgundy  Vesuvio: Black, red, grey, silver, papaya, rust