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  • WT1

    Square faced watch.

  • WT2

    Round faced watch

  • WT3

    Rhomboid faced watch

  • WTC

    An adjustable watch cuff with square face. Shown in Rainbow with black, Granada.

  • WTC2

    An adjustable watch cuff with a round face, 2 3/8″ at its widest. A spiral wire appliqué matches the watch case color on one side, a larger spiral is cut out of the opposite side. This watch is easily worn on either arm! Shown in Rainbow with gold, Basic.

  • WTC2-N

    Wide (1 1/4″) to narrow (5/8″) rippled cuff with round watch attached off-center in contrasting colors. Shown in Hot (left) , Cool & Basic

  • WTC3

    An adjustable watch cuff with a rhomboid face. Cuff is silver, wire appliqués are in choice of color combinations.

  • WTC3-N

    Fade-dyed Adjustable watch cuff. 7/8″ wide. Shown in Cool (left) & Sylvi’s Colors.